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Historic Home and Building Restoration

At Lavelle & Company Painting Contractors, we have a deep appreciation for the historic New England architecture that’s stood the test of time in Greater Boston. Many of the homes and buildings we work in have been around for centuries, and we’re committed to preserving the architectural detail and unique qualities of these buildings that define the history of our region. Historic restoration includes much more than repainting surfaces. It requires advanced knowledge of building practices, materials not commonly used today, and methods essential to retain building integrity.

historic house exterior

Carpentry and Detail Restoration

One of the magnificent qualities of historic buildings is the fine detailing in construction that’s no longer practiced or included in today’s homes. Restoring these components is essential to preserve the authenticity and keep them tied to the period in which they were built. Our carpentry and finish work offers masterful restoration of various elements, such as:

  • Shiplap Clapboards
  • Scalloped Shingles
  • Horsehair Plaster
  • Calcimine Ceilings
  • Window Repair
  • Lathe
historic house exterior

Historic Restoration Painting

Many older buildings contain oil-based paint, the most common type used going back hundreds of years. However, it’s not great for the environment, and most paints used until the late 1970s also included lead, which is harmful to humans, especially young children. Handling oil-based and lead paints require special care. Modern water-based acrylic paints don’t mix well with oil-based paints, so proper steps must be taken to ensure proper adhesion and bonding. Lead-based paints must be removed following codes to minimize the spread of airborne lead dust. Our skilled artisans take all necessary precautions when working with these two outdated forms of paint that may be present in historic buildings.

Historic Restoration Specialists in Greater Boston

We take immense pride in our contribution to helping property owners retain the timeless beauty of 18th and 19th-century New England architecture in the suburbs of Boston. You can count on our team at Lavelle & Company Painting Contractors to handle your project carefully as we follow best practices to ensure stellar results. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for your historic restoration project.

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