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Mike was very professional with his initial house review and quote, then his staff was prompt and efficient with their work. IĆ¢ ve used a painting service for internal wall painting before, but this was my best overall experience and I would highly recommend their work to other home owners.

Dave W.

Lavelle Painting did wonderful work in a very extensive exterior project. We had bought a 300+ year old house that had many carpentry and exterior repairs in addition to the painting. Mike had some great people working for him who restored the exterior beautifully and handling some surprises along the way. Ended up being a good bit higher than the quote, but they were very good about explaining what they were finding, and we came in expecting the extra effort given the age of the structure. Highly recommend!

Wayland, MA

Very professional and provided good quality work in a timely manner

Jose S.

They are on time, professional and do quality work!

Laura L.

Great job! Timely! Proficient! Professional! Perfection!

Bruce K.

Real pleasure to work with! Highly professional! Highly knowledgeable! Very reliable! Great quality of work! Michael Lavelle always inspects the site after its completed! Used them for multiple projects!

Tomur Y.

I have used this company for 10 years now for work on a college campus. The professional has been very responsive.

Al T.

They have done a ton of work for us! Interior and Exterior painting! Michael and his guys are great and incredibly respectful! Super clean! Very detail oriented! Very high standards of work! Very responsive!

Mora B.

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